Community Roadmap

Initial Launch
Launched June 2018

This is just the beginning. Registration is now open to the public and members are finally able to create their own public facing profiles. Let's get the word out to attract all self-employed people!
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Job Board
Launched October 2018

Now that we've begun to build up this community, it's time to connect those needing assistance with the experts that can fill the need. Whether you are a single person or a business, find an expert here.
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Discussion Forum
Planned for December 2018

A community needs a place to, well, be a community! Forums are a great place to have a lasting conversation. Think Reddit for the self-employed. Members can have discussions with the entire community or with any sub-community defined by the work you do.

Premium Memberships
Planned for January 2019

Premium members will be provided additional benefits for supporting the community. Premium members will get enhanced public profiles, the ability to team up with other self-employed people, and better exposure within the directory.

More in the works...

There are many more plans for the community as a whole as well as for premium members. The list above could change at any time as we can't be certain how the community will evolve.